Let God be my ‘A’…

4 Jan

Hmm..finally have some time to do a simple blog before school reopens tomorrow…strange, the holidays seem very packed too…with church stuff and house reno stuff…was hoping to clear as much wedding stuff as possible, so that these things wouldn’t bother me when school starts…

Yesterday, I was trying to prepare heart to go back to school…

Its strange…Before I get As, I claim I don’t care about A (grades)…But once I got As, there’s this secret yearning to maintain the As, or rather, the fear of losing the As…

Perhaps this kind of feeling is similar for a girl who claims she don’t wanna married till she meets her Mr right; a woman who don’t like children till she suddenly has her own kid; etc…then she realizes that things which she doesn’t yearn for at first, has suddenly become attractive.

Once u tasted the better thing, it’s hard to regress.

Then it occurs to me that by right the same should apply to God, isn’t it?

Before a person meets God or hears the perfect gospel, he may not be interested in God. However, once the person tastes the intense goodness of Christ, isn’t it so easy, so natural to start having a heart after God and be unwilling to dilute that intimacy with Him? So strange, why then do people find delighting in God such as chore? Pursuing to be in love with God should be the natural desire of everyone who tasted His goodness!

I believe many of my church friends also feel this way…God may not be appealing to us, until we hear the perfect gospel, the true covenanted message, the wonderful promise of God…then everything changes…God becomes so close to heart – not boring, but ever exciting cos you can’t guess His next step / surprises; not demanding, but loving; not accusing, but forgiving; not far, but always present…

So, tomorrow is first day of school again, pray that the “A” I pursue is God Himself…cos He’s the real “A” (i.e. good thing) that you really don’t want to let go of once you enjoyed it (Him)!

ps 16-2

Besides, I know the As in the 1st semester are given as a sign of affirmation and encouragement from God, as I tend to feel more paranoid when embarked on something new, so whenever I started on something new – new school, new job, new phase in life, new ministry, etc, God always gives me extra grace in the beginning. But there may not be good grades all the time. Actually, I’d come to realise that all my life, God has always been training me to be humble..and I remember this is also the prayer topic Rev Lee gave me during my ordination.

So this year-end, as I quiet down, God ask me: If you no longer have straight ‘A’s next semester, can u still enjoy your studies and rejoice  just in Me (i.e. God)?

And my heart is at peace….yes, God, You are so good, it is good enough to know I have You…


So in this new year, new semester, I will continue to pray for humility & peace…both prayer topics given at church camp last year…for I believe that:

Without humility, one would not acknowledge he needs God.

Without humility, one would see no need to pray.

Without humility, one becomes unwilling and thus cannot grow.

Without humility, one cannot love and accept others.

Without humility, one cannot please God!

God is not touched by our accomplishments, but by our humility, humility before God, before man and most importantly, before self, for one cannot fool himself…

And of cos a truly humble person will know that even the ability to be humble comes from the work of the Holy Spirit.


May the Lord bless all our new year, 2013! 🙂



3 Responses to “Let God be my ‘A’…”

  1. huizhen January 20, 2013 at 10:11 pm #

    wonderful post sister 🙂 May the Lord be my A too 🙂

  2. Lyane March 1, 2013 at 5:00 pm #

    thanks for the sharing sis, humility is always what we need to develope over our whole life

  3. hui ru July 4, 2017 at 6:33 pm #

    Reblogged this on thoughtful cuds and commented:
    shared from a friend as we start on our fourth semester at SBC. we struggle with our expectations of our grades every semester, and it’s truly sad sometimes that this happens, because grades aren’t why we chose to come study!

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