Personal Testimony

1 Feb

Was preparing the application into seminary & one of the required submission is a personal testimony of how I became a Christian…So thought I can share it here too 🙂

Testimony of Salvation

I was born into a Taoist family. Since young, I have known from my parents that there are ‘gods’ in this world, but I never knew that there is actually only one true God. Under the influence of my parents, I worshipped the different Chinese ‘gods’ (idols) zealously. The reason why I worshipped these ‘gods’ so seriously was because I had a skin condition (eczema) since age 3. Because of this eczema, I developed severe inferiority complex. People around me would avoid me because they were afraid I had some contagious illness, as my whole body except the face portion were all covered with ugly, red, wet rashes. Needless to say, I did not have many friends. My skin condition, inferiority complex and lack of friends were reasons why I needed God. Another reason why I sought God was because of fear, fear that the ‘gods’ will punish me if I did not worship them or if I did not perform enough good deeds, fear of death, fear of failures, etc. Yet, as a child, I did not know why I remained unhappy, unhealed, friendless and easily fearful, despite that I kept worshipping these ‘gods’.

Then, when I was 9 years old, through invitation by my father’s boss, my whole family visited a church. Although my parents did not receive Christ during that first visit, they allowed my sisters and I to continue going to church because the church provided free tuition. At first, I was resistant to this foreign faith and to Jesus Christ. However, the Holy Spirit gradually worked on me, quietly touched my spirit and made me understand the Gospel through the Sunday School lessons. Over time, the seed of the Gospel grew in me. I could not pinpoint exactly when, but I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Saviour during one of the Sunday School sessions, in that very year when I first attended church.

After becoming a Christian, I did not have instant outward transformation overnight. However, I realized I was able to be joyful more easily and I was not so easily worried or fearful. This transformation in my spirit, despite that outward conditions (e.g. my skin condition & few friends) remained very much the same, was to me, one great miracle! Even more miraculous than the healing of eczema! Another obvious evidence was the change in my bad temper. This change in my temper was my first experience of the ‘great power of the Gospel’. I never imagined that I could change from the ‘naughtiest’ child in my parents’ sight to a child with better temperament, all by the grace of God. From then on, it was inscribed in my heart that Christ could do the things I originally could not do on my own! Thus, I started to bring my every problem and need before God through prayers. Jesus also faithfully gave me the answers to prayers. Over time, I grew more and more assured of Jesus’ faithfulness and confirmed that He is the true and living God, unlike the idols which could not help me in the past. Jesus is omnipresent and never leaves me before.

After knowing Jesus since age 9, I was not so affected by my skin condition anymore, though it only got much better in my late 20s. I had the inner comfort, acceptance and peace from Christ to help me cope with the illness, and the inferiority complex and people’s discriminating looks that came with it. Strangely, my fear of death was also greatly reduced. In fact, sometimes I even looked forward to death, because I knew I would be together with my Father in a place (Heaven), without any sorrow, pain and struggle.

Accepting the Lord Jesus is the best thing that happened to me. Every time when I am down, God’s word is always able to fill me with hope again. Christ always opens a way for me when I am stuck. He is ever faithful, loving and omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Although Jesus cannot be seen with physical eyes, the word of God that I had confirmed in my spirit proved over and over again that Jesus Christ is the Only true and living God!


2 Responses to “Personal Testimony”

  1. Qiuyin February 1, 2012 at 2:23 pm #

    A very blessed testimony…and you have grown up to be the most beautiful sister both inwardly and outwardly! God’s words never fail.. 🙂

    • huijun1910 February 1, 2012 at 2:55 pm #

      wah..u read this very fast! Thanks, sis! 🙂

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