29 Nov

Finally back last week after a good holiday to the places I’d always wanted to go 🙂

Have so much to blog but so little time!…Can’t believe last week I only had average of 4-5 hrs sleep per day..there’s even one day when I didn’t eat any single meal at all, except a cup of Milo…Ha, but I’m not complaining ‘cos God has been so gracious during & after the trip…

Hmm…the greatest lesson I’d learnt from this trip is “不要勉强” (do not insist)…

Well, sometimes when we go on overseas vacations, there may be some things we feel we MUST do, eat, see, buy, places we have to visit, persons we must meet, or pictures we should take etc etc…Especially those places/food recommended by friends, those places/things you have researched on, those shopping items you have shortlisted etc etc…

I used to be like that…but increasingly, I’d learnt to flow with the Holy Spirit’s guidance more…especially this trip, I already knew my friend & I have very different (actually, it’s opposite) interests and character…so before the trip, I told myself not to hold on too fast to any expectations, but simply enjoy what God prepares for me along the way

And indeed, when I do not 勉强, do not hold too fast to any plans, etc, God really shows me much more grace than expected…

Well, of cos I have some simple ‘wishes’ for this trip too la…but when they didn’t seem to happen, I just let go & let God…and blessings abound!



I had wanted to get to know my friend of 17 years better, to talk to her deeper…but strangely she was the first person who travelled with me and found me too ‘talkative’! But trust me, I’m already very very quiet when I’m with her…anyway, it was so cold there that I was having flu from day one to end of trip, so also didn’t feel like talking much…but she actually ‘forbade’ me to speak on the coach journey and she would go “吃饭的时候不要讲话”…ha, at first I was abit perplexed…usually others would want me to talk at least abit with them on the coach, meals, etc…

Anyway, since I was ‘not allowed’ to talk too much, I just flowed with the Spirit and enjoyed quiet time…in fact this is one trip where I didn’t feel stressed or obligated about running out of topics to say…very enjoyable to be the quiet me indeed…& I also got to listen to more messages and pray more during the journey, which made this trip more blessed, as I usually prayed less and didn’t even listen to messages on leisure trips…

In case you think I found it boring to travel with this friend, no! Minus the fact that she was abit ‘fierce’ sometimes, she actually took very good care of me throughout the trip, feeding me with lots of titbits and tons of medicine (I wonder why she carried so much of different kinds of medicine on holiday), forcing me to drink water, carrying heavy stuff for me (ha, though she’s of smaller build) and she was my faithful photographer too, cos she knew vain me likes to take pictures with the ‘person’ inside the scenery…And I didn’t have to be totally mute la, we did have some good conversations, wherever she was in the ‘talking’ mood…Overall, I was thankful that though we are so different, we didn’t ‘quarrel’ nor harbor unhappy feelings during the trip..after all, 相见容易,共处难嘛…

My pretty sec school friend...


For the itinerary, I was easy…cos I was happy as long as I could be in Europe…

And when I did not have any expectation on this, God gave a bonus…

One day, the driver took a wrong turn, and we entered into a whole forest of Christmasy pine trees!

Of cos I was excited to see snow…I wasn’t really expecting to see snow as it was still autumn…and I hadn’t actually seen or touched snow before, except from afar at Mt Fuji…but this time I got to come close with lotsa snow! 🙂

If you didn't notice, there's a snowman in the pic! Made in 5 mins..

Seriously under-dress for the snow...

Well, and of cos how can I be huijun when I didn’t have a long shopping list of gifts (those who had travelled with me would know I have a standard long list of gifts I MUST buy) and personal items…but this time, the tour schedule was so tight, I did not have time to shop till last 1-2 days….I was abit stressed by then, cos my mum and sisters would not be very amused if they didn’t get any gifts from the trip…plus other people whom I had to buy things for…ha, and of cos the 1 or 2 branded stuff I planned to buy for myself…but I just told God that if I really couldn’t buy the gifts/things I wanted to, then so be it…don’t have to lose joy over this…& in just few hours, He gave me such productive and joyful shopping…& miraculously, I bought every gift/thing I needed!

So, I saw God’s full blessings everyday…

The weather of the usually rainy season was so fabulous and sunny when I was there…the tour guide said the place was flooded just one week before…and despite all the scary stories that there were many pickpockets and mafias, etc, we were very safe and undisturbed…haha I feel God especially blessed this tour, cos I, His precious child, am within it…heh, the entire tour may not know they had an ‘angel’ in their group, so that they too share in the blessings…yes, it’s alright to be thick-skinned 🙂

So one secret to being always joyful is not to 勉强…I realize many times people (me included) are unhappy cos we hold too fast to certain ideals, plans, expectations etc…

Together with this不要勉强 conviction, God also kept telling me throughout this journey to 让主为你想…Yes, I feel relieved whenever I let God think for me, how I can be most joyful during the trip despite the flu and not being allowed to talk much etc, let Him plan the best weather, let Him plan for me if I can’t buy all the gifts I need etc….Likewise, in life, whenever I receive attacks from the evil one, I will feel ok when I remember to “let God think for me”…He knows best what career and which boss can bless me, which persons are most suitable to remain, come back into or enter into my life, how much should I earn, how smart/capable I should be, etc, He knows best what kind of conditions will make me most beautiful and glorify Him most…

It’s not always easy to let go and let God…but I always remember how Abraham was able to offer his only son, Isaac to God, but in the end not only did not lose Isaac but also received multitude of blessings…Throughout the years, God had been training me in this 失而复得信心 (lost and regained)…Many a times, there seems to be this ‘Isaac’ in my life that is super important to me…it could be an outcome I had always hoped for, an ideal, a person, some worldly desire, human pride, etc etc…it’s difficult to let go, cos I always have the misperception that if I really let go, I will lose it for good…but God actually only wants my heart

It’s proven many times in my life, esp in the last few years, that when I do not 勉强 but let go and let God, I will 100% 失而复得…of cos this is not to say I always 假假 give up something so that God will return it to me later on, like how He returned Isaac to Abraham…Sometimes, God did give me back the very thing I gave up…but there were other times when God did not return me that thing, but gave me a even better one…like there’s a saying “坏的不去,好的不来”…so I’m training not to look at the outcomes…but let God take control, let Him think for me, and I will try to submit as much as my faith can take me…

A quote from 1 Cor 2: 9-10:

“However, as it is written:

“What no eye has seen,
what no ear has heard,
and what no human mind has conceived”—
the things God has prepared for those who love him—

these are the things God has revealed to us by his Spirit.


2 Responses to “不要勉强!”

  1. Liwen December 1, 2010 at 3:21 pm #

    It’s good to listen to message during your trip.. Great suggestion for me and wg too. 🙂

  2. Jingwen December 2, 2010 at 12:42 pm #

    Sis you should have included more photos! 🙂
    I like the sentence “失而复得” part. =D
    See you later!!!

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