2 Aug

Sometimes, when we want to believe the greatest truths, it is the smallest things that distract us…

Sometimes, just when we thought we have set our minds to solely follow the invisible God, it is the visible, tangible things that hold us back…

Hmm…today, a small incident triggered me too…
During dinner, my mum suddenly went on & on about how worried she was about our faulty stove…fire/gas was coming out from the side since a long time…she told us before, but we ignored her ‘cos we (me & my sisters dunno how to fix it anyway, or perhaps we are just lazy to find out)…but the fire gap grew bigger & bigger, it appeared to be ‘dangerous’…the more she said, the more she made everyone worried, cos we are talking about fire/gas leak here…my sister told mum not to cook anymore till the stove is fixed…and mum had to say this before my China trip to make me worried about potential fire hazard…cos even if she dun cook, still have to boil water everyday using the stove ma…

Anyway, the thing about a group of gals/women is, we all only talk and talk about the danger/issue…but no one actually act on it to resolve & the truth is, none of us knows how to fix the gas thingy…

The gas thingy is just one issue…sometimes, I felt I’m like living in a ‘refugee camp’ (难民营) without a man in the family…without my father being the handyman, my mum sometimes takes things abit easy and she’s a woman of endurance and she’s also very thrifty…so sometimes when things are spoilt, she just let it be for a long time before getting it fixed….when a lamp in my house is spoilt, we continue in darkness for weeks; when the heater is spoilt, we use cold water; when the toilet flush is spoilt, we use traditional way of filling pail with water and flushing manually (even till today), etc etc…

Actually, I think I’m already quite adaptable to live with all these faulty conditions at home..but sometimes when it get a bit too much, it can be frustrating…well, so much for saying it’s may be ok to be without a man (i.e. remain single) as long as I have God by my side…sometimes, it is these little daily things that waver the perspective…I mean, how would a group of ladies: my mum, grandma, me or my sisters know what to do with faulty stove, lamps, toilet flush, water heater, spoilt fan, etc etc…all these electrical thingy are always a guy thing ma…my dad used to settle this when he was around…well, you may say all these are very easy ma, just learn abit and even women can also do these…true, but for typical pampered gals like me & my sisters, it’s just not us to dirty our hands with all these matters, even if it is just to engage handyman to fix…how we know where to find the handyman, electrician, plumber, etc?! And while men may have the interest to look into these things, women are totally turned off by such matters…so sometimes, these little inconveniences will make me upset with God for not allowing our household (or my life) to have a man, even though I have resolved before that I will follow the Lord joyfully whether or not He gives me anyone in the end…

But since we have been talking about confirming God’s absolute promises in our relative (ever-changing) or ironical situations, I thought I should also confirm…So the issue is not about whether the household has a man or not (that is relative)…but it is about whether God is an ever-present help (that’s absolute)…so when I shift my perspective abit towards the promises of God, then answers come…first, not all men know how to fix these things too…ha, like my sisters’ previous boyfriends also dunno how to fix lamps, computers, etc…second, God Himself will be the handyman & brought help to us…so there had always been helpful uncles, neighbours sent to us, and for this case of the stove, my sis’ hubby would assist…

So sometimes, it’s just about perspective…like today’s Sunday message, our problem is not the problem we think it is…but our problem is we fail to see God who is present with us even in ironical situations

I remember when I studied psychology last time, I was quite intrigued by optical illusions…there’s always more than what we see…

Common examples: You can see an old woman here or a young beautiful one…

Photo credit to source

You can see an old man or 2 lovers…

Photo credit to source

You can see a handsome horse or an ugly frog…

Photo credit to source

Likewise, our problems are not just problems at face value…there’s Satan’s work behind the scene & there’s God’s perfect will and grace within…

God is not saying Christians will have no problems in life….but in <John 16:33>, Jesus said: “…in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

So, the question we need to ask is: Can we see Christ’s presence within our problems? [Can we see the young pretty woman (God’s hope/answer) within the old woman (problem)]?

Recently, a number of cell members asked me if we could have all been fooling ourselves…perhaps we have never really been healed at all, our problems are never resolved, God never really loved us enough, Jesus never intended to give us the BEST…
Well, I can’t deny that sometimes, practical situations can hit us to make us think that God is not effective/loving, or ironical situations make us doubt if we should continue to follow God…

But some pointers that impressed my heart these few weeks:

Is it because I lack everything, that’s why I’m unhappy?


Is it ‘cos I always look down on the existing grace God has already given, that’s why I’ve this ‘lacking’ mentality that make me unhappy?

Is it because I do not have grace?


I have cheapened God’s grace?

Is it because the so-called more blessed ones have everything (friends, good career, sufficient finances, happy family, beauty, health, etc), that’s why they follow God?


Is it ‘cos they have followed the Lord, that’s why they have everything they need/desire?

Well, after confirming with all the cell members who posed those ‘negative’ questions to me, none of them could deny God’s real love…and everyone regained more joy…

So indeed, it’s about perspective…whether we are feeding Satan’s voice or we are grounded in God’s never-changing promises…

Sometimes when we already resolved to follow the Lord, Satan may use our weakest link to waver us again (with what we do not have or what we still cannot overcome)…but if our objective is to follow the Lord and not merely getting the ‘things/persons/etc’ that we desire, Satan cannot use those relative things to take away our joy…

Yes, following the Lord is sometimes tough, but if I do not follow, it’s gonna be even tougher!


4 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. unmeritedly favored August 2, 2010 at 11:01 pm #

    This is a great post!

    There’s Satan’s work behind the scene & there’s God’s perfect will and grace within
    > I totally agree. I am utterly blessed because of what Jesus has done for me that has redeemed me from the curse, eternally, and His plan is to prosper me and not to harm me.

    Is it because the so-called more blessed ones have everything (friends, good career, sufficient finances, happy family, beauty, health, etc), that’s why they follow God?
    Is it ‘cos they have followed the Lord, that’s why they have everything they need/desire?

    > I have everything in Jesus and the Father loves me absolutely. Do not doubt and receive the Father’s love through Jesus’s finished work.

    Don’t cheat yourself. If you desire to get married. Just ask God and wait patiently. If you set your heart to stay single stay single. You are pretty confused in the area of relationships. May the Spirit lead you. As for me, I just ask. I ask so many times, so many nights that I believe God will only prepare the best situation for me.

    *You don’t have to post this comment. There’s no free speech in your blog, somemore you are a government worker.

  2. Xiao Yan August 2, 2010 at 11:13 pm #

    Yes Sis, you are right!
    Though satan always confusing us in many situation/ circumstances, but so long we never look down on God’s grace, we will once again remember god’s perfect will on us! Amen!

    All the best to your trip this week!

    • huijun1910 August 3, 2010 at 12:22 am #

      Wa, 1st time comment on my blog..Tks for ur well wishes..see u next tues 🙂


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