He Makes A Difference!

26 Jul

Sometimes I wonder whether it makes a difference whether we listen to a song in late nite or daytime…It seems that there is more ‘feel’ when listen at nite…

Just now, I was feeling a little bored having to do all the mundane things (ironing clothes, packing, etc) to prepare for a new week ahead…

Was a bit burdened due to some news I heard…

And received some smses from boss that ‘spoiled’ the remaining of the evening a bit…

The thought of having to do work in late night only adds to the dread of facing Monday blues again…

But in the quiet of the nite, I suddenly came across this hymn, the pleasant & gentle guitar melody soothed my spirit…and the lyrics below are quite comforting:

有祢, 我生命不一

有祢, 我不害怕困

我在深处里求告祢, 祢在天上听我祷

Then, I found another similar hymn…don’t really like the melody that much at first, but the lyrics (especially the bold words) caught my attention:

“从前我风闻有祢 ,今天亲眼看过祢
祢先给了我 祢的生命”

Yes, TODAY (not tomorrow) I can see the Lord, for He is with me TODAY…

And He gives me His life (blessings, grace, love) whether or not I’m interested in Him or whether or not I agree…so nice of Him!

These songs are taken from the following verse:

“我从前风闻有你,现在亲眼看见你。” – 约伯记 42: 5

“My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.”  – Job 42: 5

This just nice coincides with the Sunday message today…God is really alive…We have heard alot about Him, but besides merely hearing, we can also see God right here with us….it’s so nice to know that the Living God is working through the nite together with me…

So now I have the ‘mood’ to do my office work le…

And Monday doesn’t seem so dreadful anymore…for Living Christ will be there with me tomorrow! 🙂


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