Not “By-The-Way”!

1 Apr

Shattered iPhone…

My heart seemed to crack into a few pieces as I watched with my very own eyes my iphone fell onto the hard solid cement ground, with the delicate touch-screen facing downwards!!!

It happened in less than half a second! No time to react at all…

Next thing I saw was my iphone screen SHATTERED…My $500+ iphone shattered?!!! I barely used it for 6 months!!

I quickly picked it up in utter shock, but thankfully the phone still functioned perfectly well, at least the data were still intact..I would have gone bonkers if I lost the data, cos I relied much on iphone to store thoughts, contacts and appointments etc….Ok, at 1st I thought never mind, at least its only the surface that cracked so take to repair shouldn’t be too expensive, hopefully the warranty applies (but of cos it wouldn’t cos it’s self-inflicted damage)…

But to my horror, I later found out that it costs $350 to repair!!! Stupid iphone, have no spare parts, but if any part spoils must pay the same standard amount to replace the whole phone…

I would have gotten an entirely new phone at $350! Somemore, it merely costs $100+ to get a new iphone nowadays with 2-year plan….

And paying $$ is one thing, but the worst part is all my precious data stored in iphone will be gone if I replaced the phone…

In the morning when this happened, I was still quite calm, but when all these info came, my heart started to grumble abit…if only God had stopped that incident, He could but why He didn’t? Isn’t my money His money? I’ve been trying to be a good steward of the $$ He gave me….while I always shopped, I always looked out for bargains…I could sometimes get dresses and blouses for $15-$20 per piece…now this is $350 (I could have bought the branded bag, shoe, dress which I didn’t cos they were too expensive)! If this is spent meaningfully like treating important persons to meals, I wouldn’t mind, but doesn’t God feel it’s waste of His money on something absolutely unnecessary? Since morning, I have been trying to search for His perfect will…but I just could not find a logical reason why this had to happen…

AMAZINGLY…as I repeatedly use the verse below to address my ironical situation, I’m reminded again: My Lord is not a “by-the-way” God, nothing happened by chance from His viewpoint…No, God is NOT careless, there IS a perfect will to everything!

As I walked back from Singtel Comcentre (of cos I didn’t pay the $350 to replace the iphone, need to backup my data first), feeling lousy, I looked around the shopping centres…thinking I might as well shop the whole nite to vent my frustration & ‘comfort’ myself with some ‘retail therapy’…THEN I found the perfect will! I had originally planned a blessed schedule for tonight…I wanted to complete some office work, then email & call some sisters…but suddenly a ‘small’ thing spoilt my whole mood, such that the blessed things I planned to do, the people I planned to bless I no mood to do so….now, that’s Satan’s trick/distraction! And I’m not going to fall for it….”So Satan, you want to play with me, I will show you my spiritual ‘backbone’ (属灵的骨气/志气), so you know you can’t mess around with God’s children…” Just like when people bully us, we will naturally have the ‘fight’ instinct, so the more Satan wants to prevent me from doing blessed things, the more I want to do those things…so I will email and call those pple I intended to…Satan’s dirty tricks wouldn’t work on God’s children who see through his schemes…

Once God’s perfect will is received, tangible blessings also followed, in the end I managed to source for alternative repairs at $120 only & all my data can still be intact 🙂 Though I still need to spend $120, I believe it’s $120 well-spent…cos God is more thrifty than me so He will make sure there’ll be blessings in return for me & if paying $120 can help myself and others see how there will always be reasons to give thanks and there is perfect will in any situation, then it’s worth it…cos everyone can give thanks for ‘good’ things, but not everyone can rejoice in God’s <Romans 8:28> verse when ‘unfortunate’ things happen…

Blessed ‘By The Way’ Only?

Hmm…you know, actually ever since I started this blog, I have wanted to post an entry titled “Not a By-The-Way God” to emphasize that God indeed carefully plans & leads our every step, whether we perceive it as good or bad…but of cos, I never imagine this post is ultimately triggered by the iphone incident…

Of Serving…

Last time, I used to have this bitter feeling toward God — While everyone, especially pastor, kept blessing me that I’m a blessed sister highly anointed and used by God to bless people in the church, sometimes I’m not very happy to hear that…why? Cos I have this secret grumble inside me….”of cos la, of cos God uses me, because he gives everyone a husband and a family but I’m still single and very free ma….there’re other sisters more blessed than me but they are all busy with family and kids and housework ma…so God just uses me ‘by the way’ lor, I happen to be available so He 顺便 uses me lor…cos He has no much choice ma, if possible He will surely use other sisters, not me”….so I got angry with God cos He did not give me what every sister has (hubby & family) and yet some more made me work harder for I thought what ‘grace’ is this…how is this fair?

It’s strange how a by-right very ‘flattering’ thing to be used by God was perceived so negatively by me, when I think God does things in a ‘‘by the way’’ manner……Oops…such an honored thing God done in my life, yet how I dare to despise that great loving plan…ha, thankfully God is merciful to spiteful me…..THEN suddenly one day, God enlightened me “it is not that He顺便 uses me ‘by the way’, but because right from the beginning, He has already first set His mind to use me, that’s why He allow the circumstances I had…He already first chose to use me, then bring about the circumstances, NOT cos of the circumstances then He no choice but to use me!

The day I was convinced of this, my joy increases so very much, and God’s anointing too…fruits were also more evident as seen by God’s hands on youth ministry growth..cos I was able to serve with a loved spirit, meaning a more focused spirit…cos even if a bit of bitterness is still harboured inside my spirit will dilute the pastoral care given to my cell members…

So I see God is not a ‘‘by the way’’ God!

Of Outward Appearance And Conditions…

I sometimes say:

“If only I’m not so tall, not so ‘spiritual’, not so highly educated, etc etc” then may by now I would not be single any more…cos then it would be so easy to get a boyfriend…

God convinced me:

“My child, it is not about having a lot of boyfriends, but there is only ONE, if any, in the whole wide world whom I planned for you, who is most suitable for you. If I planned for you, then even if he is at the opposite far end of the earth, I will bring him to you, like Jacob & Rebekah”

→ Yes, I’m so easily wavered by love, if I do not have the conditions I have now, I would have been in & out of relationships and the corresponding immense hurt so many unnecessary times! So loving God wants to save me from wasting those time & emotions…

I asked:

“God, I have always wanted to be ‘girly’ and enjoy pampering, but why you purposely made me tall like a guy and not cute, petite and adorable like other gals, even my (singing) voice is alto, not the gentle, musical-box sounding voice like other sisters, why you made me the eldest in the family such that I’m not the one being pampered but instead have to take care of others?”

God patiently answered:

“That’s why you are special! Different from other sisters…Isn’t it better to be exclusive than ordinary, having what all others have? And you are the eldest cos of the calling I had for you, to serve my people. You will realize that only by fulfilling my purpose of being used for the kingdom can you be truly happy.”

→ Then I started to like my ‘supermodel’ height [& when I accepted this as best condition, I find others envying me :)], like my alto voice (cos that alto voice feels so special when sing in a group…& haha, while my deep singing voice may sound abit ‘ghostly’ sometimes, quite a number of people said I got ‘sweet’ voice over the phone/mike…isn’t that wonderful enough?). I also started to realize that I’m actually happiest when I can bless (i.e. take care of) others and draw them to God…

So yes, God is not a ‘by the way’ God!

I have come to realize that the secret to being happy is not about achieving certain desired outcomes or dreams, but only when we see & accept God’s perfect will in our every condition, then can we be happy! From my iphone incident, to my life events to the conditions I’m born with which I cannot change, the promise in <Romans 8:28> is ever applicable…the validity of this promise of “all things will work for the good of God’s children” is not subjected to terms and conditions we see in lucky draw coupons which can nullify its effect….

Of course, your conditions and circumstances are different from mine, but the same promise holds…everything God places in you will work for your good, the day you can affirm it, your joy will transcends your circumstances! 🙂 So the next time you feel things happen ‘by the way’ or that you are just ‘unlucky’ or God misses you out in His blessings, think twice 🙂


11 Responses to “Not “By-The-Way”!”

  1. God's little sheep April 1, 2010 at 9:01 am #

    Sister, thanks for sharing all your thoughts. At first, when I saw your shattered iphone picture at the beginning, I was shocked too. Who knows, this turns out to be a blessed blog post! Thanks for reminding me again how I need to hold on to God’s perfect will in all my conditions. Makes me really ponder about how God is also not 顺便 uses me ‘by the way’ too.

    • huijun1910 April 1, 2010 at 6:49 pm #

      Of cos He wouldn’t use u anyhow or ‘by the way’….you are too special for that!

  2. Greatly blessed April 1, 2010 at 9:43 am #

    Wow! You really took great details to improve on your style of writing.
    May I suggest you can break into a few posts cause you have so much good contents to share.

    Hallelujah, indeed we have a God who loves us, who is abundant and who is interested in every detail of our lives. It is the sweetest thing to see how God loves us in the way he makes all things good even when we make mistakes in our lives. In a way there is no ‘mistake’.

    Recently I realized I am overjoyed when I receive free favors from God. When we try so hard to strive and earn good things for ourselves, we forget that we have a Father who loves us and want to give us all good things more than we can hope or imagine. First i received a free LCD monitor. Second a chinese bone-setting master appeared in my life from networking to want to make me his disciple.

    I am so overjoyed cos I need (LCD) and want these things (learn chinese bone-setting skills) and God just freely gives out of his abundance when I didn’t even ask; its like he knows my heart desires, and I know that when he gives, he gives only the best for me.

    Oh then I have a problem. Now I am too afraid that he will take him away (the chinese bone-setting master, cos you know for manual manipulation skill getting a good master to point out all the secrets to you is better than you train for 10 years).

    Yesterday God spoke to me at a mid-week bible study at suntec. God will not let you be out-cheated from the grace he gives. The pastor shared how he didn’t intend to have an international ministry but God opened doors that he has to turn down more invitations than accept to preach in his church in Singapore (which is my church which i tithe to now). So he said, what if one day God take all these invitations away. The answer – all the better, I didn’t ask for them in the first place. I will learn this spirit and apply for the chinese bone-setting master.

    I still got a lot of things to write I post comment again k…

  3. Greatly blessed April 1, 2010 at 11:10 am #

    Of serving …

    I have learnt the covenant of law taught by traditional churches well, to become a religious pharisee.

    I have learnt psychology well, to perfect the art of instropection which heap a curse of condemnation on me.

    But when I see grace, I was set free.

    Next semester i will be doing a module on play for children. Occupational therapists use play to assess and train a number of essential skills needed for children’s healthy development.

    Thinking of getting some beforehand experience, I signed up to serve in my church’s children ministry even when I am not eligible to serve as I wasn’t a member for at least 6 months. I didn’t in the end. Felt tired. Needed to rest. Just wanted to have lunch with my cousin and friend after service and head home.

    I signed up because I want to be blessed (in this case to acquire some experiences in child handling). I know that it is the servants who get to see God’s miracles first, like in the case of Jesus turning water into wine and the feeding of the 5000.

    But i just feel tired so tired every sunday. I havn’t received enough to serve I guess. I will join the brothers and sisters who rushed to serve next time when I am full. Blessings are waiting for the servants!

    I believe you have seen many God’s wonders serving as a ssg leader.

  4. Greatly blessed April 1, 2010 at 11:20 am #

    Of outward appearance and conditions …

    Stop being instropective! Be under God’s covenant of Grace and look to Jesus. I am too lazy to write. You wrote so long for what?!1

  5. Greatly blessed April 1, 2010 at 11:22 am #

    See video. Very funny one. Don’t be religious to not enjoy.


  6. huijun1910 April 1, 2010 at 7:24 pm #

    Hi greatly blessed bro, thanks for ur sharing…happy that u are experiencing God’s grace in things u did not ask for…may the words u received cont to heal you deep within & bring you unwavering joy in all circumstances 🙂

  7. Timely sharing April 5, 2010 at 11:15 pm #

    Again. This is a timely sharing… as this week i was thinking, “what if” , “by the way, if”… I guess, nothing is concidental. God is in control.

    Glad that you have found the rays and the rainbow after a rain. I have yet done so.

  8. Wengang April 6, 2010 at 5:12 pm #

    Hey, I think I may be able to repair that with much less money. Just look under ebay. I repaired a few iPhone things for me and liwen too with some purchases over the internet. There are lots of youtube videos on how to do so. But your experience is special. The $120 is definitely worth it for your walk with God. The Lord loves you and your everything!

    • huijun1910 April 6, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

      In the end I spent $150..but I’m happy at least I get to retain my data 🙂


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