The Realer Reality?

26 Mar

“Oops, I haven’t written yesterday’s minutes which should be done within 72 hours, that’s the standard the boss sets”

“No, I better do that 20-page report 1st, need to submit soon”

“Oh & I need to vet 3 more sets of minutes which are one-month old already!”

“and there’s the 3-month workplan…”

“emails to reply…”

“colleagues to coach/mentor”…




“arrh…but where to find time to do these amidst back-to-back meetings?”…

“what if my boss say bring home do la…but my evenings were all packed with church mtgs how to finish at home even?”

“last time to eat lunch is a given & a norm…”

“now to eat lunch is a luxury, if there are no lunch meetings”….

Those were the thoughts that went through my mind today…though I’m in office today, I’m literally unable to do my ‘work’ cos I’m involved in my company’s application for some award & today whole day have to put aside normal work & standby for award assessment…& though my unit is supposedly 5-man strong, becos 2 pax are down, it seems like I have to do 2.5-man job now…& despite of this, boss seems to be as firm with his deadline for a smaller team as he set for a 5-man team… about ‘increase in productivity’…

Well, all those thoughts seemed so very real to me at that point in time…the busyness, boss’ assertiveness on timeline, etc all seems so real..


I’m reminded: “There’s no reason to worry, My grace has always been and will be sufficient for you!

I heard that…

Heard it many times repeatedly in my spirit…

At first, it seem real but not so real yet..

The issues at hand seem more real than this promise of God…

Yet I could not deny that verse is true…

Then I believed that…

I treated it seriously…

Yes, no doubt my earlier thoughts about workload, timeline are real, very real, very logical…BUT I see God’s word as more real than those ‘real stressors/problems

From that moment on, the thoughts in my mind became quiet…

It’s amazing how the many worrisome/stressful thoughts are ‘tamed’/silenced by just onerealer reality’…it’s really like once light enters, no matter how dark the darkness was, the darkness has to instantly all disappear, in whole not in part….Yes, God is more alive that the living problems! If the problems are real, then God’s power, wisdom & love are even more real! If it is true that I cannot handle anymore, then it is even more real that nothing is impossible with God & I can do all things through Him who gives me strength!

And God teaches me in amazing ways…there was a few incidents these one, two weeks…I stayed up late and disciplined myself to work over weekends to rush work assignments…only to find that in the end, my bosses will always reschedule the discussion or timeline, such that actually I don’t have to rush so terribly to finish them by the prescribed timeline…it happened not once, not twice but a few times…each time, my heart perceived the deadline to be so real, so no matter how tired I was, how late it was, I just dare not not do the work…though God already told me, it’s ok, if you too tired, just go & sleep, I will take care of it for you, so you don’t have to push yourself beyond limit…well, when the deadline seems more real to me than God’s word & love, I found I only wasted my time/efforts & lost sleep for nothing… Of cos, this is not to say we can be lazy if God is by our side…but we need to follow His perfect will…do when need to do & rest when need to rest…

When we are faced with 2 seemingly conflicting ‘realities’, our victory & joy depends on which reality is more real to us….God’s real promise/word/love Vs the real situation, the person, the devil…

The Bible says, “Let God be true, and every man (or situation or our own conditions) a liar” (Romans 3:4)…

I realize many times I’m deceived if I see the circumstances & my conditions as more real than God’s almighty protection, guidance & loving will…but whenever I see God as more real, I can witness miracles that follow 🙂 May the Lord sustain my faith in His truth, & no others!

So what’s the realer reality to you today?


6 Responses to “The Realer Reality?”

  1. Greatly blessed March 26, 2010 at 9:56 am #

    Thanks for the shorter paragraphing, it’s easier to read. May I suggest you use “.” and “,” instead of “…”. It’s becoming your style, maybe that’s your style, if so then it’s kindof cool also.

    I was watching battles BC yesterday on the history channel. It was talking about the war between the egyptians and the hittites of the north for a strategic middleground. Both were great nations who started using chariots for battles which they took and improvished from their defeated nations to become better. The end result was a stalemate. Then came a greater and stronger nation Assyria that divided them.

    These three are strong nations who had great armies and chariots. The video didn’t mention about Israel. And we know that Israel is strong because they depend on God, imagining a small shepherd winning one of the most important battles for Israel using a stone with the philistines.

    Thanks for sharing. Seeing how real God is to you in your life and the grace you received from trusting in him reminding me to trust Him too for my S-papers.

    Once i trusted in my knowledge, my will; took pride in my good results, ministry work; take confidence in theology and church leaders. Then one day, all these failed and I found Jesus. He shows the perfect love of God for me. And i was truly amazed by what He did for me.

    Be blessed.

    Just one last thing since you may like psychology too. I was watching “criminal minds season one”, there was one episode the behavioral analysis unit were profiling a serial killer who used bombs. They were interviewing one of the suspects. The suspect displayed humour during their questioning and the FBI immediately ruled him out indicating he had empathy. Humour with empathy. You are one with good humour, are you empathetic too?

    I think so. Rejoice.Tell Doc JD he has good humour too. Haha.

    • huijun1910 March 26, 2010 at 5:50 pm #

      Hi bro,
      tks for ur heartfelt comments..

      I guess anointing in writing comes with more writing, I’m oso tryg to see how I can write in more reader friendly ways…ha but u’re rite..I like “…”, it’s my style I guess 🙂

      yes, hope u can experience God’s faithful goodness in ur S papers u said, when u rely more on Christ n not human wisdom or help, God’s wisdom n joy that transcends all understandg will come upon u..

      Ok will tell JD u mentioned him, if he din read it here..

      Cont to enjoy ur everyday in the hands of the most real God! 🙂

  2. Liwen March 26, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    I can imagine how busy you are, some more has to lead ssg. Indeed, God’s voice is real, His grace is always sufficient for you no matter how busy you are. Your blog always comfort me to see God’s grace is always added more and more each day..
    The title of your blog was so right for you… 🙂

    • huijun1910 March 26, 2010 at 5:41 pm #

      Ha I like the title of my blog too..suits me so well cos I’m so typical yet so special cos of God’s wonderful grace/favor 🙂

  3. Timely sharing March 26, 2010 at 8:19 pm #

    This is a timely sharing!

    It seems that God is talking to me through blogs! I am experiencing what you have been going through.

    This week, pretty “overwhelmed” by the great prospects of late NDP evenings in school and in Padang.

    How easy we tend to get “overwhelmed” by things that might come. Might crush the rosy picture that i can get home before the sunset as i have to go out before sun rise….

  4. liwen4lcm March 26, 2010 at 10:58 pm #


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