There is None Like Me, In His Eyes! :)

3 Mar

“Everyday, You fix Your eyes on me, as if I am Your ONLY child

Everyday, You listen attentively, as if there is no other prayer on earth

How much sorrow unknown to others…

How much tears not yet shed…

Yet You know all…”

God always speaks to me & gives me inspirations & answers when I am alone…As I shared, last Sat, when I am on the MRT, feeling abit tired & unmotivated…God brought a song to my mind, which instantly lifted me up….For the past few days, the words of this song kept ringing in my mind…this hymn “我愿意”…The 1st 2 lines esp touched me…the English translation is above…the Chinese version goes like this:





God is always so ‘relevant’…the first 2 lines of this song so easily melt the heart of someone who got attacks of self-pity on that Sat afternoon…the lyrics in bold just make me feel so exclusively loved by God…like I am really the “apple of His eyes”…the “centre of His attention”….Actually, what’s more important, what’s more satisfying & reassuring than Jesus Himself cares for me?!

Honestly, what does it mean by not feeling lonely? Does being around with a big group of friends mean you won’t feel lonely? Have you ever experienced “loneliness in a crowd” or “loneliness even when you are surrounded by friends and loved ones”? So what’s blissful solitude?

Loneliness can be gone & blissful solitude can only happen when we have “quality love (think “quality time”)

How many of those friends, even loved ones, even our own parents, truly understand us….deeply I mean…..understand who we are, what we desire, aspire, need, etc etc…Well, though I have various groups of friends…from secondary school to junior college to university to colleagues to church friends…but I still experience this kind of “人群中的孤独” (“loneliness in a crowd”)…no, it does not mean that people ignore me in a group setting…but sometimes those interaction are just not able to satisfy deep enough….which is why loneliness or emptiness will creep in after all the laughter, fun outings etc….No matter how caring friends are, there’s always a limit to human love & human care & even human attention….Yes, people spend time with me…tried asking me things out of concern, did things that touched me….but at the end of the day, everyone is tied up with own things..everyone got a life to live, & I too got my own commitments to be busy with as well…In terms of friends, there’s only so much time we can spend on a friend, no matter how much we care for him/her…

And in terms of family, there’re often things we can’t share as freely or openly with family members, for fear of making them worried or fear of their ‘nagging’ or just the simple fact that it’s “awkward” to tell them anything……now, that’s human limitations…people may be able to give us “quantitative love”, in that they can do a lot of things with us, spend much time with us, but we will still feel empty after all these, we may even demand more & more (time & attention) from them…& even if people can try to give us “quality love” too…that depth of contentment will never be anywhere close to the completeness of joy we can receive from our dear Lover, Jesus….

BUT it is different with God…there is just this unspoken understanding from God…I dunno how to express in human words…but u just know He cares…He understands…just like the lyrics of this song, when I quietly think through these words, I just knew He meant every word of these lyrics…Yes, Jesus knew all the deep affairs of my life/heart/soul that others don’t know…some of which even pastor (who loves me so much) also dunno…even my mother can’t understand, even my own flesh & blood sisters won’t be interested to care, even my friends can’t help or satisfy even if they want to..…But Christ can perfectly understand & care! Christ may be invisible & we cannot hear, see or touch Him physically…but from our spirit, we can feel this “quality love” from Him…this deep, inexpressible yet sincere & real love

Lastly, about the chorus of the song…I finally understood why the lyrics writer emphasizes “I’m willing, I’m willing, I’m willing” 3 times (“我愿意” x 3) …cos it’s really NOT easy to accept what God deems as best for us, & accept that whatever situation is for our ultimate benefit…so that’s why:

1st “I’m willing” (A bit weak & obligated)

2nd “I’m willing” (more affirmative, still trying to convince oneself to accept)

3rd “I’m willing” (finally able to submit fully, after much prayers)

For me, if God thinks all my current conditions are best for me, even my singlehood which occasionally becomes a foothold for Satan to deceive me, I want to trust & am willing to accept that God gives me the BEST & all these are for my benefits…& full-stop! No more BUTs!

Hope you enjoy the song & hear God’s voice through this too! 🙂


5 Responses to “There is None Like Me, In His Eyes! :)”

  1. Qiuyin March 4, 2010 at 1:14 pm #

    Hi sis, your post never fail to touch my heart… my eyes are filled with tears while reading your sharing and hearing this hymn… in fact it is true that nobody can understand our innermost feelings, not even the closest to us, our spouse! Only Jesus alone can hear my cry and only when I come before Him, I become so special as if I am His only child… 我愿意,我愿意,我愿意 it sounds like we are willing to marry JX, to become His bride is the most blessed… sister you are already married to Him already… Mrs Ye.. hehe: ))

    • huijun1910 March 4, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

      Haha..Mrs Ye…hmm tt sounds nice 🙂
      ya, no matter wat we go thru, as long as we realise the exclusive love Christ has for us, we will find strength to move on..
      At the end of the day, we just want someone who’s interested n someone who understands..

  2. MF March 5, 2010 at 8:49 pm #


    I remembered many years back, i joined your SSG once and once only in some coffee club in Citylink. The message you shared still remains in my heart about Jesus’ “roles” in our lives. You said Jesus is our savior….boyfriend, our husband etc…

    That time i was a bit blurred about the true meaning. Now, it’s true that only Him knows our inner feelings and struggles.He’s more than a bf, a husband… He’s our SOULMATE! Ha, amazing your message really drilled inside me… if you asked me what my SSG leader said recently, i might have forgotten (oops!)..

    I am touched by the fact that I “ME” have the exclusive love!

    • huijun1910 March 6, 2010 at 12:46 am #

      wow..u still rem after so long…heh, i still rem to this day that u joined the ssg with Adrienne & Huiyan at some cafe…but even I forgot the content of that msg…hmm so it must be God Himself speaking to you that very nite 🙂

      • MF March 11, 2010 at 12:44 am #

        ha, must be Him speaking to me….!

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