It Just Takes 1 Minute!

13 Feb

Hmm…have you experienced the battles between “thin lines”? Between peace/ worry, hope/ disappointment, love/ hurt, bliss/ sorrow? This week, from Mon to Fri, I kept experiencing this 1-minute sure-win formula to triumph over the battle between ‘thin lines’

My mood this week is quite susceptible to Satan’s attacks…Dunno why this week especially no mood to lead cell groups…as I mentioned here, I’m not very prepared for Thurs’ cell group…though I got better after seeing God’s grace on Thurs, I fell into Satan’s emotional trap again on Fri….Aiyah, man is always like that…today saw God’s grace but tomorrow when face new arrows from Satan will be deceived all over again….

Hmm…on Fri, I felt stupid during 2 meetings in office, where I did not dress appropriately for a very high-level meeting and was commented by bosses and I did not respond wisely which was again pointed out by my boss…then on the way to church, I saw many people besides me carrying big bears, big balloons, bouquets of flowers, hmm…people were starting to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you see…Actually, over the years, I have grown resilient toward such “V-day” envies..but maybe due to the 2 embarrassing meetings, a very tired physical body and the recent departure of ‘an important friend’ (heh this may be a ‘prelude’ to future blog posts), the sickening weak feeling just crept into my spirit again…To make matters worse, I received smses just before my cell group from my cell members that they could only reach at 9pm as they were having a dinner date…that’s very late! And it’s not one but 4 of them…so my spirit got another ‘blow’ & I almost wanted to send a harsh sms reply to tell them all not to rush to attend cell group, if their hearts were not keen…since I’m tired & unprepared anyway…& of cos I heard Satan accusing: “since you no heart to lead, of cos your members no heart to attend, it’s all your fault cos you did not pray well enough”…

But the Holy Spirit held me back from releasing my impulsive emotions…& I remembered the “1-minute mystery”…No matter how angry I felt one moment before this, no matter how distorted my thinking was one moment before this, no matter how hurt I was, how much I failed, how great my disbelief was, how weak my emotions was one moment before this, this very minute, for just one minute, if I can just pause and believe again that God loves me, He is with me, Satan is deceiving me, angels are by my side, God will still use me to fulfill His work, all things will work for my good, etc, as long as I can believe, just for that one minute…it will be different from that minute onwards!! If I could only just pause for one minute, to listen to God’s voice, instead of Satan’s insinuations…

And true enough, after I restore the one-minute transformation prayer, all deception of the devil just collapsed! My cell group members reached at 8.15 pm & told me they were just joking with me, there were even new additional attendees for the cell meeting that day…& I saw how God evidently touched everyone who listened to His message that day…How this picture contrasted with the one I had when I was deceived, before the one-minute transformation! But the greater miracle is not the blessed/positive outcome I saw in the end, but the real miracle is the transformation in my spirit before the good outcome even took place!


2 Responses to “It Just Takes 1 Minute!”

  1. suyun2710 February 13, 2010 at 11:10 pm #

    Dear sister, so encouraging to read how God is alive and beat Satan in your life!

  2. February 14, 2010 at 6:34 pm #

    Now HJ, even Pastor can put both hands up and say, ‘this is a damn real good one!’

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