God’s Little Surprises Everyday

12 Feb

Christ is not a God who can only be experienced on special occasions…or only gives gifts on special days…

He is with us every day, guides us all the time and remembers us every day…

He is the everyday God who prepares small surprises for us His children everyday!

Recently, I felt a bit unmotivated…& especially tired on the days I have to lead cell groups…..Because of some distractions, I was actually not very well prepared for Thurs’ small shepherding groups (SSG)…moreover, that SSG nite I have to do a bit of overtime in office…so it further added on to my inertia of leading SSG & I was so very tired that I just wish I could go home to sleep instead of going church…& to tell the truth, this week’s Sunday message (our SSG message is based on Sun service message) did not really touch me that much, cos the topic was not one of my favorites…oops…I did try to digest & prepare a customized message for my SSG…but was still quite blank…now for a cell group leader, that’s a very scary & “guilty” thing!

Just as I was ‘half-panicking’ about what exactly to share just one or two hrs before the Thurs SSG, I started to receive smses one by one from my cell group members telling me that they would all attend the SSG…you see, the attendance is not always full every time…but on Thurs, even those who did not usually come said they were coming…Yes, by right I should be happy to hear that, yet I asked God why so many people were coming when I am so ill-prepared? But God whispered “cos my grace is sufficient for you & made perfect in your weaknesses”…& “furthermore, it is I the Lord who would be leading the SSG, not you, so do not worry even if you no mood, no energy, no message”….& the most important voice I heard was “I the Lord can & want to use you even when you are weak”….Actually this was not the 1st time God did this, many times in the last 10 years when I’m least able to lead cell groups, He always made me see greater miracles…

So indeed, by faith, I relied on the Lord to lead the SSG and spoke the timely words He gave me…& witnessed once again 2 miracles: (1) How from nothing to say and no ‘feel’ from the sun message, I received conviction to speak God’s promises (not sharing only theory but God’s words that touched even my own spirit too), (2) how the cell group members’ spirits and mood were lifted up by the living power of God’s word!…One sister even shared that for the whole day she felt so frustrated that she couldn’t even force a smile…but it only was at the SSG that she had her first smile of the day! 🙂 How wonderful to hear that! & it was all God the Great Shepherd’s work!

That nite, when I got home, my dear Daddy God gave me 2 little surprises that I never expected: 1) I saw this packet of Bak Kwa (BBQ meat) on my kitchen desk…this is my favorite, must-have Chinese new year snack! But I have no time to buy it & was feeling a bit upset about it as new year is round the corner…& that very nite, I just happened to have this strong craving for this snack right after SSG..I thought it’s impossible for me to eat it at such late hour, but there it is, right in front of me 🙂

2) Then I went to my bedroom & saw the second pleasant surprise…a brand new bedsheet for the new year! Heh & mind you, this is prettier than my sister’s new bedsheet…haha..this is the 1st time my bedsheet is nice than my sister, cos my mum always said I have eczema (skin problem) so don’t need so nice bedsheets, but this year different cos my mum noted that my eczema more or less healed already..

Though these 2 ‘surprises’ are just little, simple things, I saw them as God’s love (thru my mum’s love)….In a day when I felt tired (physically & spiritually), in a day I was almost going to fail (in leading cell group), it was a lovely way to end the nite by receiving God’s rewards…How nice it is to be a child of God 🙂


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