My First Psalm Composition :)

6 Nov

I just got back my assignment on a Psalm Composition, so thought of sharing it here…cos it also speaks of my life experience with the loving Lord….Personal elaboration of the story behind the psalm is below…(It’s more or less a direct cut & paste from my assignment, so could be a bit technical in later part..)

1          O LORD my God, most supreme one,

My Savior, you alone are mighty.

2          At your will, man receives life,

At your timing, man takes his last breath.

3          You see man’s tomorrow before it arrives,

Nothing escapes your foreknowledge.

4          My enemy plots and deceives,

but there is no scheme, no problem too big for you.

5          In my folly, I almost fell, but you tenderly catch me,

You did not forget me in my weakness.

6          You made your word sweet to my soul,

like soothing medicine to a wound.

7          I was impatient in the wait, yet your presence comforts me,

your loving company satisfies me.

8          Truly you are faithful to those who hope in you,

for you surprise them with goodness beyond their desires.

9          My heart will praise your faithful kindness,

My lips will sing of your unreserved love.

10        Blessed are those who are found by the LORD,

Blessed is he who responds favorably to the LORD’s grace.

11        The LORD is worthy to be praised,

for He lavishes infinite love on those who trust Him.

12        Let the whole universe praise His name,

May all creation proclaim His glory!


            Despite the appealing idea to write a “lament psalm”, I chose to write a “praise psalm” instead because I understand the important correlation between thanksgiving and joy. My pastor has influenced me into seeing that a heart of thanksgiving in even one little thing will lead to the discovery of many other things to give thanks for. Conversely, a grumbling heart tends to taint everything with a negative shade.

Therefore, while this is the busiest period of the semester, I prefer to think of God’s goodness and draw strength from it, rather than let my spirit fall into a moaning state. Furthermore, this period of my life is packed with more gratitude and comfort than negative emotions. While there are still challenges and weariness in life now, they are small compared to the joy I have. Furthermore, when I reflect upon my past till now, the little challenges I have now is not parallel with the immense grace of God, thus warranting my praise to Him.

This psalm is set against the background about 7 years ago when the demise of my father and the break-up with my 5.5-year boyfriend happened around the same time. This prompts me to write verses 2-3, which not only describes the power of God, but also my situation then. Verse 4 reflects that while I was overwhelmed at that time, God was not shaken by my problems. Verse 5 describes how weak I was such that I even lost the strength and will to pray, but God continued to lovingly touch me through His word and through my pastor. In the years that followed my loss of father and romance, I was surprised that the seemingly boring word of God during peace times, suddenly came alive and was so revitalizing to me when I was down. God’s often taken-for-granted presence also became most comforting to me. Thus, I wrote verses 6-7.

Verses 8-9 tell of my experience with the faithful Lord. Eventually, God not only granted me a new love relationship, but also more. During the few years’ gap, God did not let me wait aimlessly, but He molded me and led me into a deeper relationship with Him. He also opened doors for me to serve Him despite my weak state and He reshaped my life direction to live for Him and His mission, instead of simply pursue my own desires.

Most part of this psalm (verses 1-9) uses the first person speech, with me addressing God directly, to signify the intimate relationship between us. I am not simply writing about a distant God, but the LORD who is close to my heart and dwells in me. This psalm follows key features of a “praise psalm” below:

  1. Introduction: Verse 1
  2. Praise of God’s power: Verses 2-3
  3. Psalmist’s circumstances: Verses 4-5a, 7a
  4. Deliverance as an accomplished fact: Verses 5b-6, 7b-8
  5. Wisdom teaching: Verse 10
  6. Vow or Invitation to praise: Verses 9, 11-12

With the above background and overview, I will provide a verse-by-verse commentary below (slightly technical, for the interested ones).

Verse 1 This introductory verse is inspired by the opening of the descriptive Psalm 104. I used semantic parallelism here, with the rhyming of similar ideas. “Most supreme one” parallels with “you alone are mighty”.
Verses 2-3 Using the examples of controlling life and death, and foreknowledge of the future, I try to illustrate the supremacy of God, building on what was mentioned in verse 1. The use of such examples also alludes to the examples in Psalm 8, Psalm 95:4-5 and Psalm 100:3 about God’s power to create and His dominion over His creation. The idea of man’s life and death also links back to my father’s demise.

Again, I adopted semantic parallelism in these 2 verses:

Verse 2: “At your will” parallels with “at your timing”, indicating the sovereignty of God. This is a rhyming of similar ideas. “Man receives life” parallels with “man takes his last breath”, but there is a contrast here.

Verse 3: Both the lines, “You see man’s tomorrow before it arrives” and “nothing escapes your foreknowledge” share the similar idea that God foreknows the future.

Verses 4-5a These verses are summary of my circumstances. As this is a “praise psalm”, instead of a lament, the brevity of the description of my problems is deliberate. I mentioned the devil in verse 4, because during the dire period of my life, he kept planting doubts in me, to make me lose faith in God’s love, especially in the face of my losses. That is why I wrote, “I almost fell”, for I almost could not reconcile my losses with the loving promises of God.
Verses 5b-6 Again, semantic parallelism is applied in verse 5. The idea of “catching me when I fall” is akin to “did not forget me in my weakness”.

The use of simile, “soothing like medicine to a wound”, is an insertion of poetry feature into the psalm.

Verse 7a “I was impatient in the wait” is a description of my mood while awaiting total healing from the grief over my losses.
Verses 7b-8 The use of “your presence comforts me, your loving company satisfies me” in verse 7 alludes to Psalm 23:4’s “your rod and your staff, they comfort me” in the valley of shadow of death. Again verse 7b exhibits semantic parallelism between “your presence comforts me” and “your loving company satisfies me”.

Verse 8 uses progressive parallelism based on explanation. Verse 8b explains why verse 8a states that God is faithful. In addition, I wrote “you surprise them with goodness beyond their desires” in verse 8b, because I personally saw how God gave me something better than what I desired. I used to think that I would be happy only if I could have my own blissful family. However, God had helped me understand that He had not brought me to this world merely to get married and have kids. There is a higher purpose and mission in my life. When I embrace God’s purpose for me, I tasted goodness that I have never imagined. And amazingly, it was after I had figured this out that God faithfully remembered my humanly need and granted me the recent marriage.

Verse 9 This is a personal vow to praise God. Grammatical parallelism is used here:

My heart    will praise    your faithful kindness

My lips      will sing of   your unreserved love

Verse 10 This is a wisdom teaching, urging all to recognize the grace of God and to respond to that grace fittingly. Implicit in this verse is the notion that God is the initiator of grace, it is not by the credit of man. Thus, in verse 10a, “blessed are those who are found by the LORD”, the LORD is the active agent while humans are the passive ones. However, though God is the active agent in bestowing grace, man needs to respond correctly to God’s grace in order to enjoy His further grace. Therefore, verse 10b is an encouragement to embrace God’s grace positively.
Verses 11-12 These are invitation to praise God.

In verse 11, the second line elaborates the first, using progressive parallelism based on explanation to justify why the LORD should be praised.

In verse 12, there is a grammatical parallelism:

Let      the whole universe     praise His name

May    all creation                 proclaim His glory



Let God be my ‘A’…

4 Jan

Hmm..finally have some time to do a simple blog before school reopens tomorrow…strange, the holidays seem very packed too…with church stuff and house reno stuff…was hoping to clear as much wedding stuff as possible, so that these things wouldn’t bother me when school starts…

Yesterday, I was trying to prepare heart to go back to school…

Its strange…Before I get As, I claim I don’t care about A (grades)…But once I got As, there’s this secret yearning to maintain the As, or rather, the fear of losing the As…

Perhaps this kind of feeling is similar for a girl who claims she don’t wanna married till she meets her Mr right; a woman who don’t like children till she suddenly has her own kid; etc…then she realizes that things which she doesn’t yearn for at first, has suddenly become attractive.

Once u tasted the better thing, it’s hard to regress.

Then it occurs to me that by right the same should apply to God, isn’t it?

Before a person meets God or hears the perfect gospel, he may not be interested in God. However, once the person tastes the intense goodness of Christ, isn’t it so easy, so natural to start having a heart after God and be unwilling to dilute that intimacy with Him? So strange, why then do people find delighting in God such as chore? Pursuing to be in love with God should be the natural desire of everyone who tasted His goodness!

I believe many of my church friends also feel this way…God may not be appealing to us, until we hear the perfect gospel, the true covenanted message, the wonderful promise of God…then everything changes…God becomes so close to heart – not boring, but ever exciting cos you can’t guess His next step / surprises; not demanding, but loving; not accusing, but forgiving; not far, but always present…

So, tomorrow is first day of school again, pray that the “A” I pursue is God Himself…cos He’s the real “A” (i.e. good thing) that you really don’t want to let go of once you enjoyed it (Him)!

ps 16-2

Besides, I know the As in the 1st semester are given as a sign of affirmation and encouragement from God, as I tend to feel more paranoid when embarked on something new, so whenever I started on something new – new school, new job, new phase in life, new ministry, etc, God always gives me extra grace in the beginning. But there may not be good grades all the time. Actually, I’d come to realise that all my life, God has always been training me to be humble..and I remember this is also the prayer topic Rev Lee gave me during my ordination.

So this year-end, as I quiet down, God ask me: If you no longer have straight ‘A’s next semester, can u still enjoy your studies and rejoice  just in Me (i.e. God)?

And my heart is at peace….yes, God, You are so good, it is good enough to know I have You…


So in this new year, new semester, I will continue to pray for humility & peace…both prayer topics given at church camp last year…for I believe that:

Without humility, one would not acknowledge he needs God.

Without humility, one would see no need to pray.

Without humility, one becomes unwilling and thus cannot grow.

Without humility, one cannot love and accept others.

Without humility, one cannot please God!

God is not touched by our accomplishments, but by our humility, humility before God, before man and most importantly, before self, for one cannot fool himself…

And of cos a truly humble person will know that even the ability to be humble comes from the work of the Holy Spirit.


May the Lord bless all our new year, 2013! 🙂


Who to Trust?

21 Aug

If you trust in your abilities, you can only go as far as your abilities take you; but if you trust in God, you can part the Red Sea…so choose!

– A reflection after class today…

God’s Calling

1 Feb

This is the 2nd testimony to be submitted for seminary application.

I was touched as I recapped God’s blessings again…

Really thankful 🙂

I never imagined that one day I would be applying to be a full-time theological college student. Though I became Christian at a very young age, it was never my ambition to be a full-time minister in the church. I was born a very worldly person, with many worldly pursuits and desires. I used to think that only very ‘noble’ persons will become full-time church workers, and I am definitely not part of this league of God-loving people. I thought it suffices that I attended church every Sunday, gave my tithes faithfully, with some occasional thanksgiving and missionary offerings, and served casually in some ministries that I liked. That was all I thought I was willing to offer to God. And I thought God should be more than happy with this already.

The turning point came after I graduated from university. About 8 years ago, a Reverend spoke to me personally and gave me this vision that I could start praying to enter into full-time Christian ministry. At first, this sounded like a tall order to me. I was also a bit apprehensive, as this was totally not what I envisioned myself to be, and was entirely different from my worldly desires/ambition. I was not sure whether I could be so ‘noble’ for the sake of God to offer my whole life to serve Him and others humbly. I was not sure whether my weak life could be of any use to God, or to bless others and bring them to Christ.

I had doubts that this Reverend might not know me (and my limitations) well enough and thus ‘mistakenly’ gave me this ‘holy vision’. Of course, he explained his reasons and helped me to see God’s doings and guidance on me all this time. God made me majored in Psychology, used me to counsel some brothers and sisters in church and touched some lives, made me a cell group leader, gave me the thirst in His gospel and the heart to equip myself with the word of God through attending 3-4 church meetings per week (discipleship training, prayer meetings, cell group sessions, special meetings, etc). Surely, God has His reasons and plans to guide me so.

Though I could not be fully convinced about this calling at that time, I could not deny that I felt a strange, quiet joy within me when I heard that Reverend’s vision and prayer for me. So I put this in my heart to pray since then. I was careful to test and approve that this was God’s voice, instead of the Reverend’s subjective opinion. I need to be convinced that this came from God, not man.

Everything remained about the same after the prayer topic given by the Reverend, I continued to grow and serve in Christ. However, few years later, I reached the lowest point in my life when my father passed away, at the same time when I was going through a break-up with my 5-year long ex-boyfriend. Strangely, I received the greatest confirmation of God’s calling into Christian ministry during this dire period.

During this weakest moment of my life, when I found myself losing strength, faith and heart to serve and even to follow God, He held all the more tightly to me. He continuously healed me with His word and love, through the support from my pastor and church brethren. God’s words never tasted sweeter to me than during this period! I personally experienced how God’s word alone could make a person rejoice again, how His word is living and active and is the power of the gospel! I was touched by His love like never before, how can anyone ever love me more than Christ?!

It was at this frailest moment of my life that God made me lead an additional cell group, gave me new church ministries to be involved in and most surprising of all, sent people to seek comfort and counseling from me. Somehow, I managed to find strength from relying on the Holy Spirit to do all these despite my internal struggles. Then I realized that I was actually gradually healed through serving and leading a church-centred and promise-centred life.

I had thought that God could only use me at the strongest time of my life, when I am most holy. Yet, the amazing Lord showed that He indeed

“chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him” (1 Cor 1: 27-29).

If it were not the hands of God working on me when I was so down, how could a mere man do it? Especially during a time when I was at lowest point of my life!

Since then, God’s anointing just kept coming upon me and I was subsequently ordained as a church deacon 2 years ago. I started to envy the Christian ministry, instead of viewing it as a personal sacrifice that I had to make. I found joy in serving and touching lives. Slowly, the perspective that “my full-time job is not my secular career, but I am a full-time Christian and witness of Christ” started to sink in me. I felt honored and grateful to be able to be used by the Lord.

I had confirmed that it is not that I can give God anything, or sacrifice for God, but a church-centred, brethren-centred, and gospel-centred life is what that can benefit me the most, and it is the vision and purpose that will bring my life the greatest joy, meaning and strength.

It is also not that only full-time church ministers are the ‘noble’ ones. But everyone has his/her roles to play, which are all given by God, as mentioned in <Ro 12: 6-8>:

“we have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith. If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully”.

So does <1 Co 12: 4-6> say:

“There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men”.

By now, I cannot deny God’s conviction and how He confirmed His plans for me. So, I am not being ‘noble’ to enter full-time Christian ministry, but I am simply obeying and responding to this irresistible higher calling. If God has set His mind to use me, I know He will open doors and lead me faithfully, regardless of my own conditions and qualities.

Personal Testimony

1 Feb

Was preparing the application into seminary & one of the required submission is a personal testimony of how I became a Christian…So thought I can share it here too 🙂

Testimony of Salvation

I was born into a Taoist family. Since young, I have known from my parents that there are ‘gods’ in this world, but I never knew that there is actually only one true God. Under the influence of my parents, I worshipped the different Chinese ‘gods’ (idols) zealously. The reason why I worshipped these ‘gods’ so seriously was because I had a skin condition (eczema) since age 3. Because of this eczema, I developed severe inferiority complex. People around me would avoid me because they were afraid I had some contagious illness, as my whole body except the face portion were all covered with ugly, red, wet rashes. Needless to say, I did not have many friends. My skin condition, inferiority complex and lack of friends were reasons why I needed God. Another reason why I sought God was because of fear, fear that the ‘gods’ will punish me if I did not worship them or if I did not perform enough good deeds, fear of death, fear of failures, etc. Yet, as a child, I did not know why I remained unhappy, unhealed, friendless and easily fearful, despite that I kept worshipping these ‘gods’.

Then, when I was 9 years old, through invitation by my father’s boss, my whole family visited a church. Although my parents did not receive Christ during that first visit, they allowed my sisters and I to continue going to church because the church provided free tuition. At first, I was resistant to this foreign faith and to Jesus Christ. However, the Holy Spirit gradually worked on me, quietly touched my spirit and made me understand the Gospel through the Sunday School lessons. Over time, the seed of the Gospel grew in me. I could not pinpoint exactly when, but I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Saviour during one of the Sunday School sessions, in that very year when I first attended church.

After becoming a Christian, I did not have instant outward transformation overnight. However, I realized I was able to be joyful more easily and I was not so easily worried or fearful. This transformation in my spirit, despite that outward conditions (e.g. my skin condition & few friends) remained very much the same, was to me, one great miracle! Even more miraculous than the healing of eczema! Another obvious evidence was the change in my bad temper. This change in my temper was my first experience of the ‘great power of the Gospel’. I never imagined that I could change from the ‘naughtiest’ child in my parents’ sight to a child with better temperament, all by the grace of God. From then on, it was inscribed in my heart that Christ could do the things I originally could not do on my own! Thus, I started to bring my every problem and need before God through prayers. Jesus also faithfully gave me the answers to prayers. Over time, I grew more and more assured of Jesus’ faithfulness and confirmed that He is the true and living God, unlike the idols which could not help me in the past. Jesus is omnipresent and never leaves me before.

After knowing Jesus since age 9, I was not so affected by my skin condition anymore, though it only got much better in my late 20s. I had the inner comfort, acceptance and peace from Christ to help me cope with the illness, and the inferiority complex and people’s discriminating looks that came with it. Strangely, my fear of death was also greatly reduced. In fact, sometimes I even looked forward to death, because I knew I would be together with my Father in a place (Heaven), without any sorrow, pain and struggle.

Accepting the Lord Jesus is the best thing that happened to me. Every time when I am down, God’s word is always able to fill me with hope again. Christ always opens a way for me when I am stuck. He is ever faithful, loving and omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Although Jesus cannot be seen with physical eyes, the word of God that I had confirmed in my spirit proved over and over again that Jesus Christ is the Only true and living God!

迟来的应允, 最好的应允!Late Answer, Best Answer!

7 Nov

Oh I hadn’t been blogging for sooo long!!

On this fine afternoon on a public holiday, thought I should restart my blogging engine…

Hmm…so this ‘迟来的’ (late) blog entry shall talk about ‘迟来的应允’ (late answers)…

Since young, I am always ‘slower’ than others…      

  • By the time others already grown very tall, I am still very short (believe me, I was the shortest in class, seating at the very front row till Sec 2, age 14!)
  • When everyone started to use ‘pager’, I haven’t…
  • When everyone started to have handphones, I only just began using pager…
  • When everyone found job after uni graduation, I only found mine 2 months later…
  • When everyone started having & changing boyfriends, I only had my first boyfriend at age 20…
  • I only took my first plane ride at age 25, when most of my peers already tried it so many times…

Sometimes, I will ask God why I’m always the last…why I always get to enjoy things later than the others…Is it fair? Or is it ‘cos I don’t deserve to enjoy good things as much as others deserve?


In the end, I grew to be the tallest…

I had many chances of travelling…

Though I took longer to find job, I found the job that I’m so contented with that I stayed on till now for 8 years since graduation…

So who says that deferred answers are not good…or that blessings will be missed out when they come at a later timing…

Heh…some of you would have guessed what’s the ‘迟来的应允’ late answer that I am sharing here…

Yes, here’s the ‘迟来的应允’ :

Well, since Pastor already made that ‘announcement’ for us, some of you would know that we are colleagues…

Knew for about 3 years…

Got closer since 1.5 yrs ago…

He was a non-Christian but now a believer…

2 years younger than me…

Actually, both of us never imagined we would be together…

When we first knew each other yrs ago, he thought I was a 33-year old auntie (I was only 27 or 28 then)!!!! He finds me very naggy at that time…and thinks that I am very picky and have ‘princess’ expectations…no wonder was still single…

And I always think to myself that whoever is his girlfriend is very poor thing, he doesn’t seem to know how to take care of the girl, and he looks so skinny & shy how to protect the girl…

But God is turns out that I became that ‘fool’…heh…

Well, but I took a long 1+ year to decide becoming the ‘fool’, ‘cos I really had a lot of concerns:

Most important factor: He was NOT a Christian then…& it seemed difficult that he would believe (he don’t have problems in life, so don’t seem to ‘need’ Jesus at all), & even if he does believe, the spiritual gap may be too far for us to come together…and will he find it too much if he knows I am going to be the next full-time pastor (i.e. if he knows that I am ‘that serious’ in my faith)…

He looked soooooo young plus I am so very tall, I look like his godmother standing beside to go out with him like that..

Besides looking young, he is really still young, so is he just ‘playing’ around? After all, he is young, he can afford to play trial & error a few more years with a few ‘targets’, & he is the kind who likes to take risks…but I am super risk-adverse…Furthermore, he came to me not long after he broke up, why he could get over so fast?….He just don’t give any sense of ‘security’…

But God led in amazing ways…

First, He led pastor to tell me to be “open-minded” (i.e. who says cannot consider non-Christian suitors) just about the time CJ appeared…of cos, pastor qualified by saying that he would not say that to any person if their foundation in the Lord is not that stable yet…but he knew I am the risk adverse, conservative and ‘rigid’ in following the Bible kind…so he wanted me to understand Holy Spirit’s flexible & unimaginable guidance better…in any case, pastor knew that if the person don’t love God in the end, I wouldn’t be attracted to him even if I am open-minded…

Then 2 most important things pastor told me were:

(1) care for (focus on, 关注) CJ’s salvation / soul more than thinking about whether God plans for us to be together in the end (‘cos whether or not we are matched by God, God’s will is definitely for him to be saved!), and

(2) definitely have to be passive and slow, since he is non-believer.           

So subsequently, I limit my communication with CJ to talk more about faith/spiritual matters…finally brought him to church…he was touched by Holy Spirit the first time he came to my church…then he went to his friend’s church for a few months to understand the gospel because he wanted to de-link me & the faith & know God independent of me…but even after he went church regularly every week, I knew he was definitely not born again…so in between I made things clear with him at least twice on separate occasions that we cannot be together…ha actually at that time, I already liked him when I rejected him…but my thought is ‘what will be, will be’, if God wants us to be together, God will surely let us ‘失而复得’…otherwise, 不是我的,就不是我的.

After the awkward rejections, we stayed away from each other for quite awhile…but strangely, God kept bringing us together: from different office buildings to the same office, from different seats to sit beside each other, from not-on-talking terms to talk again…

More importantly, throughout this period, God has also slowly changed CJ’s spirit to truly believe & become born again…

Later on, as I talked more to him to understand him better, I started to see how God made him grow spiritually…& at a very fast pace too…But of cos we had differing views about some spiritual matters. There were some occasions when we discussed at length about ‘神为’ and ‘人为’…he could not agree with me on some things, & we again stopped talking for awhile, to the extent we knew we cannot be together if we cannot reconcile on this perspective. Somehow, God enlightened him…

Heh…I used to joke that God will surely give me a fat, old, bald shorty for my second boyfriend, to be everything different from my ex, so that I can focus on the matters of spirit rather than matters of flesh (‘cos everyone knows I focus a lot on ‘aesthetics’)…

But God is so good, this time I got someone who’s handsome as well, not taller but at least not shorter than me (without my heels), who’s a young Christian but can communicate with me better than my ex, even spiritually…and who’s even younger than me (hey, it’s harder to get someone younger to like a woman leh, there’re a lot more ‘sweet young things’ out there as options ma…)

So it’s all God’s grace & doing…and I thank God for this ‘deferred’ (it took 5-6 years!) yet best answer to prayers…haha & I thank all who prayed for me & given me support through these years! 🙂

Pastor ever told me that when the real Answer (Mr Right) comes, my joy will be so great that I will cleanly forget how painful I was in the past 5-6 years…& indeed it is so!

Many people are afraid to wait and cannot be happy in the waiting process, but in the last 5-6 years, God trained me to totally experience what it means by:


Do not have to wait till receive the answer then can rejoice; but delight first in the love of Christ, and then will see God’s faithful evidences!

Process (enjoy Immanuel) is more important than the outcome! 过程(能享受主)胜于结果!

Of cos, even after getting the ‘deferred’ answer, there are still things to pray about & to rely on faith…the path ahead may not be completely ‘rosy’, but God has made me realize that in any good or bad situation, I still need Him all the same (doesn’t mean receive answer then don’t need Him anymore).

So those who already received answers need not feel too happy or that others without answers yet are 可怜; and those who are still waiting for answers also need not feel discouraged, for God says:


10 Jul

When a person’s heart ONLY wants to LOVE GOD

When all he wants is CHRIST ALONE


A state without accusation, fear, sense of failure, inferiority, worry…

 ‘cos you only want God, and God already gave Himself to you and He never leaves you…


The reverse is true…

 A person is not in perfect bliss, because there is still something he desires more than Christ…

Something that satisfies him more than Christ…

Something that makes him feels more successful than being a child of God…

Something, some plans that he feels are better than what Christ has given him…


Bliss is not found completely in good health, for everyone experiences illnesses & eventual death…

Not in wealth, for it is never enough…

Not in human love, for even the one who loves you most will be separated from you one day…

Not in seeing our loved ones living well now, for no one can take care of their loved ones forever and the worries for them never end…


BUT bliss is found in Christ alone, within whom lies all assurance, all forgiveness and everything we need…


Photo credit to source

So if ALL we want is Christ, then nothing can make us fear, discontented, accused, unhappy…